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Tel: 028 272 9069

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Head Office: Western Cape
Location: Nationwide
Age Group: Ages 2 to 9 Years

Learning to Move - Moving to Learn

Giving your child the confidence to succeed

Welcome to Catrobatkidz. We are a quality pre-school extra-mural activity service located in South Africa.  Catrobatkidz is designed for children from 2 years old, up to 9 years old.

Catrobatkidz will provide all the necessary movement experiences needed to have a profound effect on your child's life.

* Balance
* Body Awareness
* Co-ordination
* Gross & Fine Motor skills
* Flexibility & Strength
* Locomotion
* Rhythm & Timing
* Spatial Relationships

Catrobatkidz provides a safe, positive, fun-filled forum for your child to develop his physical skills and abilities. Because all movement requires exercise and integration of the Brain, mental skills and abilities are exercised and developed in direct proportion to physical activity. Maximum learning capacity is achieved when the Left and Right sides of the Brain are working together, or integrated. Specific movements and exercises involving balance and co-ordination, crossing the mid-line of the body and combining the senses (sight, sound, touch) are the core elements of Catrobatkidz lesson plans.

Extensive research into early childhood education, and many years of practical experience, have been combined into the Catrobatkidz Skill Development programme, offering many unique ideas, which have never before been taught to pre-school children. We bring to your child a learning concept that is guaranteed to benefit, and foster success, for each child, and to enhance his/her self-esteem while enjoying participating.

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